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AI-Powered Translation with DeepL

This image shows a round robot wearing a headset typing on a computer keyboard, a mouse next to its right hand, all on a white background. The robot is smiling and bears the techforword icon on its chest. The heading, dark blue on top of the image, reads: AI-Powered Translation with DeepL. At the bottom of the image is a gold-coloured ribbon and dark blue writing stating the date and time of the webinar: May 18 at 6 PM CET. Join techforword insiders live! RSVP:

Tired of clunky machine translations? 🤯

Me too. 😂

It’s time to combine artificial intelligence with your expertise to save time, streamline your workflow, and produce high-quality translations.

Introducing... DeepL’s AI-powered translation. 🦾

In this FREE 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn to use DeepL to:

  • Translate entire glossaries, documents or slides while maintaining formatting
  • Improve style in one click by picking from suggested translations
  • Handle last-minute speeches and slides while interpreting

Join me for this webinar on using DeepL for translation and interpreting and get ready to reduce time and generate high-quality translations fast – all while respecting confidentiality.

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Presented by

Josh from techforword

May 18, 2023
6:00pm Central European Time


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